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Opinion: Social workers in Wanaka

Posted at 9:13pm Thursday 15 Nov, 2018 | By Kate Murray Community Networks

Have you ever wondered what the role of a social worker is and how they may be able to help? The team at Community Networks works closely with social workers and they are a huge support to many of our clients. Following is a profile of four of the different organisations that provide local social work services.

Anglican Family care

Anglican Family Care delivers two services in the Central Otago/Queenstown Lakes area: Family Start and Home Based Family Support. Both services focus on improving children's growth and health, learning and relationships, family circumstances, environment and safety.

Family Start delivers to families before a baby's birth or in their first year and is an intensive home based visiting service. Family Start helps families/whanau who are struggling with challenges or problems that may make it harder for them to care for their baby.

Home Based Family Support is also a free visiting service which provides advice and support to parents/caregivers with children aged up to 17 years of age. They work to increase the parent's knowledge of their children's needs which may include parenting skills, behaviour management or household management.

Clients can be referred to their services by another professional or can self-refer through their website, by email or by phone. Contact details: AnglicanFamilyCare.org.nz, Enquiries@FamilyCare.org.nz , 034436623/0275836115 or drop into Community Networks for a brochure.

Queenstown Lakes Family Care

Queenstown Lakes Family Centre (QLFC) is based in Queenstown and the Upper Clutha, and is serviced by social worker Heather Clay who lives in Wanaka. QLFC offers a range of evidence-based services to support families in meeting the emotional social and behavioural needs of their children.  They offer registered health professional support to individuals/families and the education service that folk are involved with.

There is a specific ‘Pregnancy and You' programme, the ‘Triple P' based parenting programme and a ‘Mothers and babies' programme.

QLFC will frequently liaise with the GP or other health and support providers. They can attend meetings for home and school purposes to be an advocate for individual needs.

They work out of Community Networks, home and school as needed. Referral is by phone or the referral form contact as noted on the website. QLFC is charity-based so there is no fee attached, but donations are encouraged.


Family Works

Children and Families - Family Works' programmes and services support parents and children to build on their strengths, develop healthy relationships and learn new skills that will help them through challenging situations.

Individuals - Family Works supports young adults and individuals who face short or longer term challenges in their lives, focussing on building skills and resilience so that individuals can create a brighter future for themselves.

Building Financial Capability mentors advise and support people to put together a healthy financial plan that is right for their situation.

Referrals can be made online to psotago.org.nz/family-works/family-works-referral and there is no cost to access the support. Thanks to the generous support of donors and funders, their services are flexible and meet the needs of the people they assist. Services are available to all, no matter what age, background or faith.


Jigsaw Central Lakes

Jigsaw provides services to individuals and the community to support safe and healthy relationships including advocacy, counselling, nonviolence programmes and strengthening safety programmes. Contact Jigsaw on 0508 440 255 or check their website out on www.jigsawcentrallakes.co.nz/about/services for further information.



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