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You’ve cat to be kitten me right meow...

Posted at 6:00am Thursday 10 Oct, 2019 | By Abby Costen newsdesk@thewanaksun.co.nz

Cat Rescue Wanaka (CRW) has recently announced it has the following six cats up for adoption: Cloudy, Joss, Lou, Mateo, Maui, Pumpkin, 

The organisation is devoted to caring for stray cats in the Wānaka, Albert Town and Hāwea area and was founded in 2018 by Ruth de Reus, who also founded Queenstown Cat Rescue.

Now established, the organisation is run by co-chairs and trustees Rachel Allibone, Bridgette McQuillan and Lindsey Turner, a committee, and dedicated volunteers who care for the cats able to socialise in foster homes with a daily feeding programme. 

Last year CRW cared for 107 cats and kittens in total—84 of which were strays or semi-wild that would have otherwise continued to breed.

66 of these rescue cats were adopted to become loving family pets and 11 were released via the ‘Trap, Neuter, Release.' (TNR)  process as unable to be socialised. 

When explaining the TNR process, Allibone said, “It's an international practice where the cats are trapped, de-sexed, and released where they came from. Their ears are clipped to identify them as having been de-sexed, and therefore don't need to go through the stress of a vet visit etcetera, unless they are seen to be poorly and need vet treatment. These cats live in a supported colony where they are fed by volunteers, so they don't have to rely solely on hunting for food, but they keep their role in the environment as rabbiters, mousers and ratters. If the cats were simply removed, it creates a vacuum effect, whereby other cats would eventually move in and populate the area. This way, the population is not increasing and their health can be monitored.”

Allibone added, “Rescue cats have so much love to give. [...] Adopt, don't shop.”

Those interested in adopting a CRW cat or kitten must be a New Zealand resident and have permission from their landlord. All cats are vet-checked, micro-chipped, de-sexed and vaccinated prior to adoption. Find out more at catrescuewanaka.org.nz. 



7 months old


Renowned for her sweet and quiet nature, Cloudy was discovered alone in Hāwea Flat five months ago—and required ointment and antibiotics due to an eye infection.



8 months old


A good cat for families with young children, Joss was a former residential stray trapped at just six-weeks-old along with her mum and two siblings. 



11 years old


Fast to settle with new owners, Lou is remarkably active despite her age however does not do well with other cats as she is a slow eater and does not like her food to be stolen. 



10 months old


He was living as an urban stray before being befriended and taken to the vets by kind local workers, and since going into foster care has proven he adores human company—projecting a loud, scrawny meow when he wants attention. Mateo has a damaged eye that may require surgery in the future. 



11 months old


Born as a residential stray along “with her gorgeous gray mama and three black siblings”, Maui will be the last of her siblings to be adopted as she is in need of a quiet and stable home. 



8 months old


Found as a stray in Lake Hāwea back in August, Pumpkin just “wants to play, play, play”. Undemanding, Pumpkin can tolerate dogs but is also happy in her own company. 


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