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Celebrate cups that care this December

Posted at 6:00am Thursday 28 Nov, 2019 | By Abby Costen newsdesk@thewanakasun.co.nz

Do you agree the best cup of coffee is one that warms you, not the Earth?

New Zealand's not-for-profit responsible cafe finder UYO “Use Your Own” has organised a national Use Your Own Cup Day, which is set to take place on December 11. 

The online guide helps people find and support cafes that encourage less waste and more community. 

UYO also work as a philanthropic social enterprise, stepping in to connect folks who can help each other do good, and stepping up to fund local projects and initiatives. 

UYO founder Laura Cope said, “I'm almost too excited about a day dedicated to saluting the reuser—a day of amnesty for the cup chucker—a day to buddy up and break up with an old-news habit—a day where we show the baristas of Aoteroa some real love by drinking their real coffee from real cups!”

“Plastic use is becoming a moral issue. Like cigarette smoking once was, using plastic is an addictive, unavoidable part of our consumer landscape. Until our plastic dependency rises to the level of moral outrage that drives regulatory and social norm change, our fixation on the convenience of plastics will continue unabated.” said senior lecturer of marketing Dr Sommer Kapitan of Auckland University of Technology. “Consumers face a tough battle. It is hard to decide to forgo a coffee on a busy morning if we forget to bring a reusable cup. We are all busy, we are all juggling. But that's what got us into this plastic dependency in the first place. The same rules apply for us – every choice we make, even once, to avoid plastics in our daily life… translates to the creation of a new, plastic-free habit. The biggest costs are incurred the first time you chose to avoid plastic. To carry your own container to the sushi shop, to read every label to find a soap free of plastics. To bring your own netted bags to the grocery store for fruit and veg. But after you invest the first effort to make a change, that change becomes easier, and habits begin to form.” 

To show your support and celebrate the use of reusable cups, upload and share pictures online with the hashtag #uyocupday and tag @uyo.nz.



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