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QLDC demands data from MartinJenkins

Posted at 6:00am Thursday 16 Jul, 2020 | By Pat Deavoll editor@thewanakasun.co.nz

MartinJenkins has declined to give the Queenstown Lake District Council  (QLDC) the raw survey data from its research into public opinion on air traffic presented in a report released last month.

The Ombudsman will be asked to decide how much data the QLDC is entitled to.

The council paid the company $205,000 to research public opinion

 Councillor Nikki Gladding, who  is preparing a complaint to the Ombudsman, said one of the deliverables was the survey, and as QLDC paid for it, therefore it owned the data,

MartinJenkins declined to hand over the data because it had legal advice that doing so would be against the Privacy Act.

The survey was based on four scenarios for air traffic which took into consideration expanding noise boundaries for Queenstown Airport, developing Wānaka Airport for scheduled flights, building a new Queenstown airport and.leaving things as they were.

QLDC said it wanted the survey's raw data to see what other options it revealed — such as turbo-prop aircraft, rather than jet aircraft, using Wānaka Airport.

It also wanted access to any other comments about governance of the district's airports and ‘‘over tourism''.

A council spokesman said councillors were considering an offer by MartinJenkins to provide further analysis of the data based on differing scenarios.

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