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Troy Allan for New Conservatives

Posted at 6:00am Thursday 15 Oct, 2020 | By Pat Deavoll editor@thewanakasun.co.nz

For the past few months, the Sun has been profiling the candidates standing for the Waitaki electorate. For our final profile, we interviewed Troy Allan, who is standing for the New Conservative Party.

So why did you decide to get into politics?

Over the last few years, I've been concerned about the trajectory our nation is on. The reasons for this include the negative social statistics of broken families, suicide, crime, the massive increase in generational debt and the continual erosion of New Zealand's ownership of strategic assets. I include the breakdown of democracy, the separatism and division that is sweeping the land. And the broken education system teaching a revisionist version of history that is training a whole generation of children to hate themselves and their heritage. There is also a growing culture of victimhood, entitlement and socialist ideology, and the ever-encroaching UN driven mandates and control. These all point to a future that is pretty dark for New Zealand if we don't change the trajectory we are on now.

So what change is needed?

We've got to change some things. We cannot keep doing what we've always done and expect a different result. Let me be clear. The last three years have brought an unprecedented rate of change. But the slide to the left of the political spectrum by both major parties has been going on for decades and both are at fault. You couldn't put a cigarette paper between them. Now it seems like National is where Labour was when I first started voting; left of centre. It's time to do something different, to get involved and make a positive change for all New Zealanders.

Why the New Conservative Party?

I chose to work with New Conservatives because they understand the timeless principles that make nations successful. They will not go out to "buy" votes. They will not engage in the "lollipop politics" that the parties play to try to win votes.

New Conservatives choose a policy based on what is best for the country. The New Conservatives approach has been on our website for months. Nothing is hidden, and we do not play games in the media with the "surprise" rollout of a "special" policy used to counter what the other guy did last week. They all copy it when it suits. Don't settle for cheap imitators.

So what is your vision?

I couldn't stand by any longer and watch our nation descend into a Venezuela or China. I don't want to have to say to my grandchildren when they ask me "what did you do in 2020 grandad?" that I did nothing.

So I have chosen to stand with New Conservative. They are the only party that I can see that has the understanding to turn the boat around and bring the political consciousness of the nation back to the "centre" instead of the extreme far (alt) left ideological mandate our country is being governed by at present.

What are the core policies of the New Conservative Party?

The two fundamental policies of New

Conservatives are: 1)  Binding Citizens Referendum- we want democracy back

because right now we have a communist running the country. Democracy is our

core policy. And 2): That every law in the country will be passed under the

Legislative Standards Act. These are our two non-negotiables.

How do you see the current government?

The NZ Labour/Greens/NZ First coalition government has again heralded their incredibly dangerous push towards further restrictions on free speech. New Conservatives, first and foremost responder in the attacks on free speech since the current government took power in 2017, identifies Ms Ardern's words as the latest announcement to remove the most critical freedom we have as New Zealanders. Ms Ardern, in responding to questions around freedom of speech has said, "We do have … provisions that deal with hate speech, discrimination, around people's different identities but religion hasn't been included in that." She then stated: "My view is, that does need to change."


What other current matters do you have a position on?

Other current things we stand by? The new Fresh Water Management legislation became law on August 5, 2020, and parts of the policy are impractical, with changes already being undertaken to try and improve it. It is clumsy, heavy-handed and will require most farmers to get a consent for winter grazing which could well be a waste of time as it appears that farmers will still need to meet the same criteria that require them to get consent in the first place.

And New Conservatives believe that game animals must be treated as the valuable resource that underpins a buoyant commercial sector which contributes significantly to our economy and supports hundreds of Kiwi jobs. Hunting is embedded in our national psyche, our culture, and our heritage. It attracts diverse people from across New Zealand who appreciate the wild game as a valuable and healthy protein for hunters, their families, and communities.

What issues does Wānaka face right now as you see it?

By far, the biggest issue is COVID recovery. We have a $50 billion expense and nothing to show for it except a broken economy, generations of debt for our children, and all the severe ramifications of that. New Conservatives has a comprehensive COVID Recovery Plan, and a significant part of that involves workers and housing.

New Conservatives lower taxes policy calculator is in that plan. This policy alone will provide a $10 billion boost to our economy without borrowing.

Tourism is an integral part of the local economy. To keep that going our policy of no more lockdowns will be vital as we continue to evaluate the best way forward to open the country up again.

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