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Shocking news! We are high emitters

Posted at 6:00am Thursday 15 Oct, 2020 | By Pat Deavoll editor@thewanakasun.co.nz

Yes, it's a shock, but according to global expert in agricultural and forestry carbon mitigation Dr Carly Green, the Queenstown Lakes District has a high level of greenhouse gas emissions compared to other parts of New Zealand. Globally we are one of the highest emitters due to the amount of waste we accumulate, our reliance on motorised transport and the fact that we are an agricultural region, she said.

“We have very old landfills, and there is a limit to what can be done about these, but QLDC is working to address this. We are large emitters through transport because of our heavy reliance on cars. We should be thinking of other means of getting around town at the very least. And we have a large agricultural sector that provides food not just for New Zealand but for the rest of the world- there is a lot of emission from this. And we have a massive number of tourists into the area which uses fuel and produces waste, and that adds to our ratepayer accumulation because that is how emissions are recorded.”

As part of the WAO Reset Summit October 27 – November 1 Green will be running a workshop for Wānaka individuals and businesses.

“This practical workshop has been set up to demystify carbon and start businesses on the path to reduction and mitigation,” Green said.

 The session will focus on providing useful tools to enable businesses, farmers and growers to undertake initial estimates of on-farm and operation emissions and mitigation potential. Given the costs of environmental monitoring, the workshop will provide a cost-effective way to enable businesses to take control and get the right tools to monitor emissions.”

“I think we need to do something and people in Wanaka are open to this but don't know what to do. The workshop is designed to show people it's not so hard and they can make a change,” said Green.

The workshop will discuss how things are happening globally with emissions. There will be some discussion- question and answer- about the topics of climate change and greenhouse emissions.

“So, individuals, businesses and agriculture- we are going to talk about how you measure greenhouse emissions from these sectors, “Green said.

“Then we are going to do calculations from an excel spreadsheet so people can make their own estimations. They will walk away with some idea of their impact.”

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