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Charity runner smashes her goal at Mt Roy

Posted at 6:00am Thursday 24 Dec, 2020 | By Jo Galer newsdesk@thewanakasun.co.nz

Local trail runner and Queenstown Lakes District Council employee Tanya Bottomley (39) exceeded expectations of how many laps of Mt Roy she could run for a charity close to her heart. Instead of the six she predicted, she pounded laps of the prestigious peak an impressive eight times. 

“It feels like a dream. I still can't believe how well it went and what we managed to achieve in 24 hours,” she said, still recovering.

“I'm giving my body some time to rest and recover.  But I've come away stronger and more confident in my running abilities and ready to take on the next challenge,” she said.

Tanya had hoped to reach the top of the 7th lap in 24 hours.

“I was aiming to summit the height of Mount Everest (8850m). But I ran around 120km and climbed more than 10,000 metres,” she said.

Inspiringly, when the going got tough she thought about how far she'd come - both during the event and in life - and used mental training techniques to keep her going. 

“The only way I was going to see what was possible was by staying open to the experience and flowing with it.  I had a few things go wrong, but each time I just accepted the situation and adapted to it.  

“That is one thing I have learnt through ultra-running: Things go wrong, and right, either way they all eventually pass and you get to the finish line stronger and wiser for the experience.

 “I had an amazing crew and pacers by my side for most of the challenge and the time just flew by. 

She added that a special moment was a guy turning up around 3am in the morning to donate cash he had been given for sober driving people in town. 

“I had just come in from lap 5 and it was an awesome boost and meant a lot.”

Herself a survivor of a destructive relationship, Tanya raised $2000 for Shine, which provides help for domestic abuse victims and their children. Shine stands for Safer Homes in New Zealand Everyday, offering support services, including a free phone number for advice and help.

Tanya has completed a number of long-distance challenges under her banner, Run Like Tanya, and is the first woman to take on the Southern Seasons Miler Challenge – four 100-mile races in 12 months, of which she has completed three.

“Finally, with this challenge I wanted to talk about recovery from the trauma of living through domestic abuse.  I wanted to share my story and to give a bit of hope to people in the thick of it that life can get better and you can achieve anything.”

 Visit the Run Like Tanya Facebook page for more information or to donate. 

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