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Council backs WCB

Niamh Shaw – moved the amendment.

Posted at 10:29am Saturday 18 Sep, 2021 | By Viv Milsom



Councillors have voted to retain the Wanaka Community Board in its present form, with all three Wanaka Ward Queenstown Lakes District Councillor positions retained. 

The motion before this week's meeting on Thursday was to retain the WCB, but with only one Wanaka Ward councillor sitting alongside the four community board members.

However, an amendment proposed by Wanaka Ward QLDC councillor Niamh Shaw, and seconded by Wanaka Ward QLDC councillor Callum Macleod proposed keeping all three Wanaka Ward Councillors on the Wanaka Community Board. 

In speaking to the amendment, Shaw said the three Wanaka Ward councillors had underestimated the dissatisfaction from a third of the population and suggested that QLDC needed to critically review how they do things. 

“The community feedback was a wake-up call to all of us,” she said.

A good number of the submissions from the Upper Clutha in favour of retaining the Wanaka Community Board had made the point that not all three councillors should sit on the Wanaka Community Board. 

Councillor Nikki Gladding suggested mana of the WCB could be undermined with all three councillors sitting on the WCB. Board chair Barry Bruce had earlier said with just one councillor, the members would have more opportunity for open discussion, without being overridden by the councillors.

People have until October 22 to appeal this decision by QLDC. 

A further decision was made at today's QLDC meeting to hold a workshop with the Wanaka Community Board on September 28 to review the Governance Protocol Statement between the Council and the Board and identify future initiatives for the Board.


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