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Hawea path upgrade

Posted at 5:29am Thursday 01 Nov, 2018 | By Emma Conyngham newsdesk@thewanakasun.co.nz


The heavy foot traffic in Hawea from the shops to community areas has finally brought a long-overdue upgrade to the pathway. It was previously very dangerous - especially for little children - as it ended abruptly where cars drove into the shop carpark. Now the new path takes pedestrians safely in front of parked cars, in line with the shop.

The project included a new footpath, kerb and channelling which continues along Capel Avenue to the playground, library, public toilets, tennis courts, sports field, and community centre with a safe crossing area from the main footpath.

“This project has been required for some time,” said Jude Battson, chair of Guardians of Lake Hawea. “I met with QLDC staff in March to view the problem. They followed up with a budget and timing, had their contractors Opus do the specs and Downer do the work. Both contractors met with me prior to the work to confirm what was occurring and job done. It will be great to have for when the masses arrive at Christmas.”

The work from Bodkin Street to the playground will occur after Christmas. There is also a substantial council reserve near the shop which will be reviewed for planting to encompass the entire site and be user friendly for picnickers.

“Currently this reserve is not utilised well and is able to be accessed by cars,” Battson said.

“We will not be having cars using it in the future.”



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