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Local point’s name lost in archives

Posted at 6:37am Thursday 15 Nov, 2018 | By Emma Conyngham newsdesk@thewanakasun.co.nz

Located along the foreshore towards Glendhu Bay, just past Damper Bay lies a nameless jut of land. Picturesque as it protrudes into the lake, whatever name it originally had with local moa hunters from centuries ago, it has long since disappeared. Ngai Tahu insists it did have a name but are scratching their heads a bit because they just don't know what it was.

Dr Jim Williams, from Te Tumu, School of Maori, Pacific and Indigenous Studies at Otago University said, “the old name might turn up, but how, we aren't so sure”.

“Our tribal archive contains thousands of place names on small reference cards, sorted into alphabetical order in English and Maori and within that collection may be the original name of the ‘Point With No Name' but how that would be clarified is at this stage, anyone's guess.”

The land is owned by Queenstown Lakes District Council and is popular for walkers and mountain bikers.

Te Kakano is currently planning its first rata grove there, along with kowhai, totara and rohutu. Eventually the ‘Point With No Name' will become an important habitat for tuis and bellbirds travelling along the lakeshore. The lack of name is not stopping the planting from going ahead but this local piece of intrigue is open to people making suggestions for a name.

“The NZ Geographic Board officially name places but they take our recommendations,” said Dr Williams.

“There can be tension because locals think they have ownership over the name but it's really up to Ngai Tahu. But if people have a good idea for a name, and we can't find its traditional name, they can submit their suggestions to Ngai Tahu leadership in Christchurch and see what happens.”


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